A Friend's Perspective


Behind the calm and gracious demeanor, Michelle Duman is a woman with a purpose, a woman with strength, integrity, determination, and resolution, a woman who knows she can make a difference.  Her gaze is direct and honest. This is someone you can trust, someone who really listens to your concerns, someone who will truly represent you. Michelle can and will fight for you.

Michelle’s character was formed by heredity and experience.  The will to survive and fight injustice were a gift from her Dutch father.  Michelle’s strong will is inspired by her father’s courage when he escaped imprisonment by the Nazis in Holland.  She learned kindness, compassion, and a tireless work ethic from her Mexican mother. Michelle’s mother was a wonderful woman who worked for the owner/publisher of a local newspaper as an assistant and editor.  She was able to successfully balance family, work, and volunteer work. As a child, Michelle would accompany her mother as she sold her handmade jewelry door-to-door in Paramount, California. She knew the meaning of work from an early age and also volunteered with her parents to give back to the community.  Michelle’s interest and love for the community grew as she canvassed the area for candidates with her mother. In fact, her home actually served as a polling place. Hard work and volunteerism are an integral part of Michelle’s life. Michelle honors her family’s legacy through hard work and community service.   

While attending CSULB, Michelle worked as a paraprofessional in special education to pay for her education.  She knows the numerous obstacles that women and minorities face on a day-to-day basis because she lived them.  It is a constant battle to surmount these obstacles. Michelle believes in the power of education and will fight to make education affordable and accessible because this is the key to overcoming poverty and maintaining a healthy middle class.

As a successful businesswoman, Michelle supports local business.  She took a small struggling business, worked hard, and transformed it into a flourishing sign manufacturing and art installation company. She was also the founder and owner of a boutique tequila and travel company. Michelle believes this business endeavor brought her closer to the people in the area and beyond because it was a celebration of camaraderie, culture, and an interchange of interests, issues, and ideology.  

Michelle is a longtime resident of the City of Orange and has worked actively to support universities, community colleges, and countless non-profit organizations.  She has contributed and raised monies for various scholarships for underserved populations. She served as the president of the National Latina Business Women Association OC.  Michelle is actively involved in the arts community, fundraising and curating public art exhibits.

Michelle Duman will become our voice in Sacramento. She will be a strong advocate for veterans’ rights, single-payer healthcare, education, the arts, and the environment. Michelle respects the rights of the people and the will of the people.  She is eager to work with other district members and community and government leaders to effect change and to set and accomplish goals for the betterment of the community. For Michelle, the people are the number one priority. Michelle can and will fight for us.