Meet Michelle V. Duman.


Ever since Michelle was a young girl, she harbored the quick decision-making skills of a leader. Michelle was not only empowered by her diverse upbringing, she also learned a great deal of business skills which make her the savvy leader she is today. She recalls the decisive, determined and dedicated spirit of her parents and plans to utilize those characteristics to strengthen education, support single payer healthcare reform, protect our environment and level the playing field for all people and genders.

She has worked as a paraprofessional in special education, using the arts as a teaching tool, while attending graduate school at CSULB. She avidly supports local entrepreneurs and works to provide scholarship and job opportunities for the community.

Michelle Duman has been a longtime resident of the City of Orange. She has been able to work closely with universities, community colleges, and other local nonprofits while raising a family and serving as the President of the National Latino Business Women Association of Orange County. 

Being an avid advocate for the arts and education communities gives her a strategic and creative edge. Michelle has curated public art exhibits and raised scholarship funds for underserved students and regularly invests both her time and financial resources to such projects. She believes that supporting quality public education is an important resource in fighting poverty and maintaining a healthy middle class.

Always looking to do more for communities, Michelle V. Duman is seeking support to bring community ideas and needs to light when elected. As an Assembly member, she will bring insight, strategic thinking and dedication for the betterment of the community.


Michelle V. Duman
Assembly, 68th District of California