Healthcare for All

As a former employee of a not-for-profit Medicare Advantage Organization, Michelle knows firsthand the issues that need to be addressed in our healthcare system. Michelle believes that every Californian deserves access to high quality and affordable healthcare. The COVID pandemic showed us the inadequacies in our healthcare system and how important it is to have accessible and affordable healthcare for all. Michelle wants to ensure that:

  • we protect the coverage we gained under the Affordable Care Act and move towards universal comprehensive healthcare for all.
  • we monitor the adequacy of the healthcare institutions in the 53rd Assembly District to ensure that the community is receiving quality services and resources.
  • Medi-Cal and Medicare are protected and that we work against privatizing these types of public safety-net programs.
  • behavioral and mental health services are treated with the same access and coverage as physical health services.
  • community clinics and health centers servicing low-income areas and the homeless population receive full funding to continue servicing the demand.