Jobs and the Economy

Michelle knows that we need good-paying jobs to offset the increased living costs from inflation and the recent COVID pandemic. She understands that good-paying jobs are a result of a business-friendly economy that works with its local and state government. Working families and small businesses need the support of the state government to help fulfill the promise of the American dream, which includes home ownership, health benefits, and financial freedom. Once elected, Michelle will:

  • work with local school districts and small businesses to expand mentorship and workforce development for our youth that lead to permanent job placements.
  • fight to bring resources to the 53rd Assembly District to assist small businesses with obtaining low-interest loans.
  • support the rights of all employees to organize without fear of intimidation and retaliation.
  • work to provide incentives for companies that want to stay in California.
  • oppose tax breaks for companies that move jobs to other states.
  • provide more funding for job training, apprenticeships, and vocational rehabilitation programs to further assist the workforce.