Safe Neighborhoods

As a member of the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training and former security professional for various schools and school districts, Michelle has dedicated her career to the safety of those in her community. As a survivor of gun violence early in life, she understands on a personal level the impacts that crime and lack of resources and opportunities create. In the Assembly, Michelle will:

  • ensure the Inland Empire receives the necessary resources to fully staff our local fire firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel.
  • work with the community to ensure that the services and resources that are provided through the different state agencies are culturally sensitive and appropriately distributed.
  • implement incentivized neighborhood watch programs to ensure the constituents are encouraged to participate in reporting suspicious activity and crimes.
  • work with local police departments to fund and implement community policing programs that place our police officers within the community to serve as positive and visible symbols of public safety.