California depends on its lawmakers to find the solutions to the homelessness crisis and to make sure the solutions are implemented with dignity and respect. All Californians deserve to have access to affordable housing close to where they work and call home. Michelle plans to:

  • work with local governments and nonprofits to create programs in the community that prevent homelessness and help working families stay housed and self-sufficient.
  • offer property tax exemptions to developers that create 100% affordable housing for low-income tenants.
  • provide more funding for financial aid programs such as Cal Grant and Pell Grant to help students pay for non-tuition costs, such as housing, to provide students with stability.
  • ensure all community clinics that serve the homeless population have the adequate resources to continue servicing this at-risk population at the pace of the demand.
  • work collaboratively with the County Housing Authority, local governments, and affordable housing developers by bringing state dollars to construct more affordable housing to address and prevent homelessness in the community.