Women’s Equality

As a mother who raised four children while working full-time, Michelle knows the struggles that come along with being a woman, a mother, a student and an employee, all at the same time. Women need to have extra protections in place to prevent discrimination and unjust practices in the workplace, in our schools, and in our society as a whole. And in response to the courts overturning Roe and stripping women of a fundamental civil right, Michelle proudly supports reproductive choice and keeping California a safe haven for women everywhere. In the Assembly, Michelle will:

  • support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution (although not a State issue, Michelle believes applying pressure in California can influence national efforts).
  • support the right to sue an employer for equal pay, equity, and unjust contracts while also protecting the women through the process.
  • expand the rights of women in the workplace by creating provisions for working from home, flextime, and pregnancy and family leave.
  • work with local law enforcement, fire departments, and the logistics industry on hiring women.
  • fully fund programs that provide reliable, educational, and affordable childcare options for working parents.